Become a better ©LEADER OF ME!


We believe in order for  people to achieve any level of success in any industry, they must first become better leaders of their own personal lives and habits.  This includes accountability, vision, interactions with others, quality of work and effective time management.  Becoming a better ©LEADER OF ME means having a consistent balance of all these fundamental items in your life.  Its only then that  you can effectively lead others.  Becoming a better ©LEADER OF ME is the runway for your career endeavors, your relationships, your finances and your spiritual walk to TAKE OFF and fly high!

We focus on two main areas with ©LEADER OF ME

training, they are:

=>  Motivational Speaker Training

=>  Mentoring Program

You can find out about each of these by using the links at the top of this page!

©LEADER OF ME Mentoring

Leadership is defined as, 'Getting things done through the WILLING cooperation of others.'

The key to getting others to follow you willingly is to be a consistent, solid leader yourself.  Once you've mastered specific levels of then become the ©LEADER OF ME that others feel comfortable and confident in matter what!  Our mentor program teaches and trains you for just that...mastering individual levels of leadership to enhance and improve your self leadership skill sets.  Click on the above link to find out more!

Motivational Speaking

Everyone has a story to tell.  However, not everyone is prepared to tell least tell it effectively enough to have people want to tell others about and/or hear it again!  We partner with you to attack motivational speaking training from two angles:

1. Solid construction of your motivational speech in 3 ways:

          => What people are going to think of you before they meet you and/ or hear your speak.

          =>  What people are going to think of you while they hear you speaking.

          =>  What people are going to think of you after they hear you speak.

We believe that using this method will not only build a exciting and inspiring motivational speech, but will ALSO build for you a solid, reputable personal brand!  Having an iron clad personal brand will put you in the comfortable position of doing more than simply 'giving' a motivational speech......this will allow you to actually 'BE' the speech you give to your audiences!  Click on the above link to see more!

2. Training you to become a better ©LEADER OF ME.

You may have aspirations other than becoming a motivational speaker.  Promotion at work, starting a business, obtaining a degree or maybe just simply purchasing a home or improving your current relationship.  If you are to achieve ANY of these, improving and enhancing your personal SELF leadership skills will be mandatory.  What does THAT mean?  Click on the above link and find out!