Anyone that has the job of 'transferring information', be it in the traditional classroom setting or in the corporate classroom environment, teachers and trainers need to regularly receive training that will keep them current in their professions.  Our Teachers and Trainers curriculum will do just that!!  

In 5 days, they will learn things like:

=>  Learning and understanding Andragogy

=> How to grow confidence and improve peer relations

=> Properly giving and receiving feedback

=> Proper etiquette and professionalism

=> Classroom management skills

=> Training management 101

=> Facilitation and delivery skills

=> Dealing with anger and frustration

=> MUCH, much more!!  Over 30 course modules will be covered!!

Upon completion of the course, you will be certified as a L.E.A.D.S. Professional….

Leadership Educational And Developmental Specialist!!

This course will transform you from a transferrer of information into a leader of people! Improve your commuinication skills, negotiating abilities, learn how to listen, accountability and rewarding students and participants! 

The Institute for Leadership and Management Development is focused on the development of traditional classroom teachers as well as their corporate America counterparts, the corporate trainer.


This class will cover all the basics of teaching and training in adult education including how to plan and prepare a session, write curriculum and overall leadership skills training.  Other items covered include:

•Principles of adult learning, training 101, assessment and evaluation.

•Confidence building, effective communication with peers and leadership development skills.

•Roles and responsibilities of the trainer.

Those that would benefit from this class the most are:

•Anyone aspiring to become a corporate and/or contract trainer.

•Current trainers that are looking to sharpen and enhance their facilitation and delivery skills.

•Teachers that are looking for a Plan B in case they become a victim of education cutbacks.

Your learning will be assessed by a certified Master Trainer through role play activities, practical skills assessments and assignments that cover the theory of training and development to the adult learner.

You will also be required to complete a 1 hour training session that will be necessary for you to graduate the course.

Completing this course can help you get started as a corporate and/or contract trainer!  Possible jobs include:





*Training Manager

*Teachers Assistant

*Business Analyst

*Instructional Designer

*Sales Manager

*Customer Service Manager

*Public Relations

*Many others!

This 5 day workshop is a practical, how-to overview of the entire training function.  It prepares new trainers with critical training skills and introduces seasoned practitioners to the latest techniques for delivering powerful training.  The program is great for new trainers, experience trainers who have not had formal education in training, or those needing a refresher to improve their classroom techniques and methods to transfer learning to work situations.  Feedback from participants shows high ratings for student engagement, expert facilitation, and immediately applicable tools and techniques.  On-site participants report gaining a common foundation and competency in training skills for their department.

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

•Identify and determine the need for training: what, who, and how

•Write effective learning objectives

•Apply adult learning concepts, develop supportive climates and customize off-the-shelf materials

•Use training activities and alternatives to lecture, strategies for different learning needs, effective questioning techniques

•Prepare properly for a training session and prepare participants to foster learning

•Manage and encourage participants of all backgrounds and learning styles; understand who is learning and how to address challenging participants

•Present and facilitate a training program, including use of audio visuals and handouts

•Evaluate using various methods and at different levels.

Being properly prepared for the role of teacher and/or trainer is demanding of your talent and time. The Stellar Performance Trainer Program is a unique assessment-based certificate course that covers the entire process of delivering training, including assessment, preparation, creating a positive learning environment, facilitating learning, and evaluating learning.  Founded in theory and focused on practice and application, this program will develop your professional capacity. 

Program Benefits

•connection to a cohort of learning professionals

•a complete learning prioritization inventory tracking your professional growth in delivering training

•industry-recognized certificate

•experience with 3-4 practice deliveries

•a video of your final training delivery with individualized feedback and analysis

•a robust participant guide, tools, resources, and templates to use back on the job

Our internationally recognized programs and facilitators are the best in the field of learning.

They are:

  1. Our content is consistently monitored by instructional designers and subject matter experts to bring you the latest tools, information and contacts so you can succeed in your position.
  2. Nowhere else will you find an incredible return on investment for your time and money as well as access to high-caliber solutions and expertise.
  3. We design our education programs with concrete and applicable learning objectives and outcomes so you can get right to work on solutions when you return to your job.
  4. We offer education programs in a variety of formats to fit your training and budgetary needs, including online, in person, blending and customized onsite offerings.

Experienced.  Your trainer is a renowned author, selected for national and international speaking engagements and consult for the Fortune 500.

This single course certificate program will offer many professionals the ability to pick up valuable corporate training skills without committing to a lengthy, formal degree program.  This program will  especially appeal to managers or small business owners who have worked their way up through an industry using significant on-the-job experience in lieu of a traditional degree in their field.   We will focus on specific corporate training topics like workplace violence, sexual harassment and diversity or larger skill sets like public speaking, giving and receiving feedback, adult learning theory and leadership 101.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have the options of:

Becoming a Corporate Trainer!

Companies today are turning to experienced in-house corporate trainers to meet their staff development needs.  In-house corporate trainers enjoy the advantage of watching their students grow and evolve over time. They can see the results of their work play out in terms of sales results or improved customer service ratings. Evaluating those figures, they can expand and adapt their training programs to provide more effective learning experiences for new hires. They can also design remedial programs for employees who have not met company expectations.

Become a Contract Trainer!

More and more companies are relying on corporate training specialists to educate their customers on the proper use of their services and products. Especially in the software industry, where updates and revisions can potentially confuse and irritate customers, these roving groups of trainers drop into client worksites and make sure that their customers' teams can properly integrate their products to meet their goals.

In addition to traveling to client facilities, contract trainers can also work from centralized locations. From the corporate hub, they design and improve customer training programs, which can be delivered on a central campus or through distance learning.  As an extension of customer support, a good contract trainer can head off future drains on a company's resources by ensuring that customers do not require further assistance after their training session has ended. Companies that invest in expanding front-end training can often recoup huge savings from their annual customer support budgets.


You may already be a trainer, working on your job for a number of years.   Is this course right for   you??  The answer is YES!

 Ross Group Consulting’s train the trainer course is great for those that find themselves feeling some or all of the following:

  => Poor communication with your classes and your managers.

  => Improper planning before and after class.

  => Stereotypic assumptions of your participants.

  => Unrealistic expectations.

  => Disorganized.

This class will re-energize you and give you new focus, new excitement and a new drive to ensure learning takes place in each and every class you teach!!  

Trainers set the foundation for any company with their professionalism and knowledge.   Trainers create lasting impressions on your employees, inculcating them with their company’s values and expectations, as well as ensuring that employees have the necessary skills set to succeed.   In the world of call center training, the role and value of trainers is incalculable.   A motivated and competent trainer can mean the difference between success and failure for your organization as the training and future ability of hundreds of agents is dependent on their time spent with the trainer.

The Stellar Performance training course will ensure that you and/or your trainers are exposed to the most up-to-date training methodologies, approaches and techniques, providing clear examples and case studies of how these can be implemented in your training environment.  With a Train the Trainer   course, you and/or your trainers will be able to translate their professional knowledge and experience into learnable outcomes for your employees.   Ross Group Consulting’s Train the Trainer course will have immediate and long-term benefits to the quality of your employees’ performance.   Using a combination of published and Ross Group-unique materials and methodology, we design and deliver programs that will meet the needs of you and your organization.


A corporate trainer, sometimes referred to as an instructional designer or business analyst, is a professional who designs training programs and instructs employees on a range of topics.  These professionals work for organizations that require standard training and other types of development for their employees.   The trainer seeks to ensure employees understand the organization's mission and values, they also strive to improve the productivity and efficiency of the workforce.   Average salaries were reported by in January 2011 based on a survey of 556 people in this occupation.

The average salary ranges from $46,426 to $70,780 per year.   Some employers offer other compensation such as bonuses and profit sharing.   Average annual bonuses range from $1,049 to $5,042 and average profit sharing from $1,628 to $5,042 per year.   Of those working full-time for an employer, 89 percent reported receiving health care benefits and paid time off.

Although some corporate trainers are full time employees of organizations, others are   self-employed or work on a contractual basis.   Those working as contractors earn average annual salaries from $60,028 to $91,010 and those self-employed earn average salaries from $36,973 to $27,500 per year.   Of those employed full-time reporting their wages to PayScale, most work in industries such as financial services, educational institutions, information technology, health care and insurance.   The highest wages were reported in the information technology services industry, where corporate trainers earn average yearly salaries from $48,648 to $71,244.  Educational institutions pay average salaries ranging from $45,033 to $65,487 per year, and the health care industry pays average salaries ranging from $46,423 to $67,574 per year.

Our best practices, techniques and processes are so effective, in 2008, President Barack Obama’s transition team actually reached out to us for information and ideas regarding teacher and corporate trainer development!

This 5 day train the trainer series teaches trainers as well as teachers how to strengthen their facilitation and delivery skills, leadership abilities and ensure that learning is taking place.   There are over 40 modules that will offer teachers and trainers all the tools they need to effectively manage the training/leadership function and serve as a model for your participants and peers to follow.   Also included will be:

  => Role play exercises with real life scenarios

  => Train backs with assessments of your performance

  => Games and activities

  => Access to hiring agencies

  => Account access to airlines, hotels and auto rental agencies

  => Ongoing access to current hot job leads all over the world!!

                                                        Register today, classes starting in April!!

                                                          100% financing for those that qualify!!